Naehaengjeon, King's living quarters

Namhansanseong World Heritage Center

Namhansanseong World Heritage Center

This palatial building used as the king’s living quarters is a seven-bay by four-bay structure whose central three-bay space forms the daecheong (main hall), flanked by two rooms, one furnished with the traditional ondol heating system, the other with a wooden floor, and verandahs on three sides. It has the same floor plan as that used for the royal residences of the Tongmyeongjeon, Hwangyeongjeon and Gyeongchunjeon Halls in Changgyeonggung Palace, Seoul. The two rooms have been refurbished as bedchambers for the king and crown prince, and contain reproductions of various pieces of furniture and other items.

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  • Title: Naehaengjeon, King's living quarters