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The narcissus flycatcher’s name is known to be a reference to the male’s bright yellow throat, which resembles the color of daffodils, also known as narcissus.
It’s body is about 11cm long. The male’s feathers  are brownish black, and its eyebrow line is bright yellow. The underside of the beak is orange-yellow or dark orange. The breast and belly are yellow, and the lower belly is pale. When viewed from above, the beak is an isosceles triangle. The legs are dark brown. Narcissus flycatchers are migratory birds that rarely pass through Korea. They live alone or in a pair together with the opposite sex. After breeding, they live as a family group in shrubs or in the treetops. They lay 4-5 eggs at once between  May and July. In summer, they eat insects and arachnids as a staple food. In autumn, they also eat the fruits of legumes. They breed in Sakhalin and Japan and overwinter in Indochina, Borneo, the Philippines, and Ussuri. They pass through Korea, eastern China, Japan, and Taiwan.
Chordata > Aves > Passeriformes  > Muscicapidae > Ficedula


  • Title: Narcissus flycatcher
  • 학명: Ficedula narcissina

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