Navy Team

Anglo-American Baseball Project, Inc.

Anglo-American Baseball Project, Inc.

The stars of U.S. Navy Headquarters team were pitcher Herb Pennock and infielder Mike McNally of the Boston Red Sox. Both had entered the service following the 1917 season, and both would be traded to the New York Yankees after the war.

Pennock, “the Squire of Kennett Square,” Pennsylvania, was a rail-thin southpaw who began with Connie Mack’s Philadelphia Athletics. Later general manager of the Philadelphia Phillies, he would be enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame following his death in 1948.

McNally was the navy captain, despite having two officers as teammates. The son of Irish immigrants, nicknamed for his Pennsylvania hometown, “Minooka Mike” would enjoy a 50-year career as a player, manager, scout and baseball executive.

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