Nelson Mandela and Ruth First


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Africa Media Online

At Bloemfontein Africans choose between Congress and Convetion - Nelson Mandela with Ruth First. In mid December in Batho location, Bloemfontein, the African National Congress held what may prove to be its most important session since its foundation nearly fourty years ago. It was the first meeting since the abolition of the natives Representative Council, and many outspoken and important decisions were made. The 1951 Congress may well be looked back on as a turning point in the History of Congress. At the same time, in a nearby hall in the same location, the All-Africa Convention, a rival organisation, held a lively and interesting conference. In the years to come, which of these two groups will have the greatest say in the shaping of this countries future? Although the official history of the African National Congress dates back to 1912, the organisation itself actually came into being a little before Union when the Africans, realising

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