The point which is connected with one’s life

This year, Wan Lee completed “Made in” projects he has been carrying out for the last few years and currently, he proceeds with “Treasure” project. “Made in” Series started aiming at making a breakfast himself in person and he visited 12 Asian countries and cultivated the product from the local places in person. This way, artist Lee discovered that even one portion of breakfast contained the global capitalist system and past history in it. He proceeded with his works from the perspective of expansion from Asia inside toward the external side and not based on a dichotomy of East and West dealing with the contents of which Asian history, since post-colonial times, is transforming into neoliberalism in terms of tradition, religion, race, labor, politics and history. In the successive “Treasure” project, the artist makes 3D scanning of the ruins of Asian Museums inside European countries and reproduces the 3D scanned works by 3D printing task. This way, he invites us to see how the Asian cultural heritage had been moved to Europe and he creates a reproduced Asian Museum by regaining and recovering the ruins based on new technology.

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  • Title: News
  • Creator: Wan Lee
  • Date: 2015
  • Type: 22:34, 23min 34sec, Video