Newspaper report on a Suffragette demonstration at Westminster


Museum of London

Museum of London

Front page newscutting from the Daily Mirror, November 19th 1910. With the headline 'Violent scenes at Westminster, where many suffragettes were arrested while trying to force their way into the House of Commons'. The violence of the police towards the women on this day resulted in the suffragettes referring to the incident as 'Black Friday'.
The Suffragette depicted lying on the ground was Ada Wright who had fallen during the scuffles between police and Suffragettes.

Ada Wright (c.1862-1939) joined the Women's Social and Political Union in 1905. Prior to Black Friday Ada had been arrested in 1907 and in October 1908 during the Suffragette rush on the House of Commons.Wright was imprisoned again after taking part in the WSPU window smashing campaign of March 1912. She went on hunger strike and was force fed.

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