Office escritoire

Museum-Reserve of A.S Pushkin

Museum-Reserve of A.S Pushkin

Office escritoire with four drawers and a drop front, behind which there are seven drawers, a door and a shelf.
The rectangular escritoire is veneered with mahogany, with four drawers and a drop front with a lock decorated with diamond-shaped inlays of ebony. The front corners are cut. Above the cornice, set back from the front and side edges, there is a stepped superstructure decorated with light-colored wood laths. The cornice and baseboard are decorated with molding, forming a square in the front cut corners. The drop front is located between the upper narrow compartment and the lower three (identical). The inside of the door is covered with green cloth, serving as a table top. Inside, behind the door, there are seven drawers, a door and a shelf. Six drawers are located with three on each side of the door, and beneath them is another long drawer and a shelf. The five internal drawers, except the top right, have a black knob handle, and the long drawer has two. The upper right drawer has a black diamond-shaped lock. The door has a projection that imitates a panel with a handle shaped like a loop. The escritoire stands on four rectangular legs tapering downwards, and the corners of the front legs are cut.

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  • Title: Office escritoire
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