Officer Clemmons uniform

Senator John Heinz History Center

Senator John Heinz History Center

Francois Clemmons sang in the choir at Fred's church. Fred asked him to be play Officer Clemmons on the show in its debut year of 1968. As a black man who grew up in a poor neighborhood in the 1950s and 60s, Francois did not have a positive image of the police. But Fred convinced him that this Officer would be a helper and spread a more positive message than what Francois had expereienced. Through their friendship, Clemmons educated Fred on the ongoing struggle for racial justice. Together they sent a powerful message in 1960s America when they soaked their feet together in a pool at a time when civil rights activists in the south still fought to integrate pools.

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  • Title: Officer Clemmons uniform
  • Subject Keywords: Mister Rogers
  • Type: Artifact