Operation Dynamo: Interview with a Dunkirk War Veteran

English Heritage

English Heritage

We meet former Army Signalman and Operation Dynamo veteran Richard Sheen, now 98, at his home in West Wales
to discover the true story of the Dunkirk Rescue that was masterminded from the secret war tunnels deep below Dover
Between 1939 and 1942, Richard Sheen was billeted to Dover, where he used radar to plot enemy aircraft crossing the Channel, and communicated their positions to anti-aircraft batteries along the coast. In this interview he reveals what life was like in Dover’s Gun Control Room, his experiences of helping the rescued soldiers off the ships and why Operation Dynamo was a turning point in the war effort.
All archive footage supplied by Huntley Film Archives Ltd.

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  • Title: Operation Dynamo: Interview with a Dunkirk War Veteran
  • Type: Video
  • Rights: English Heritage