Order of the White Eagle

Late 18th - early 19th c.

Lviv Historical Museum

Lviv Historical Museum

Gold, enamel, fabric
Founded on November 1, 1705 by King Augustus II. From 1713 to 1815, an embroidered star was added to the badge, later replaced with a star made of precious metals. In 1831, due to the transition of the Kingdom of Poland to the Russian Empire, the award was assigned to the system of Russian orders. During the period between 1921 and 1939 the order was restored as Polish Republic award. The second revival of the order was in 1992.
The motto of the order is: PRO FIDE REGE ET LEGE – «For religion, king and law»; ZA OJCZYZNE I NAROD – «For motherland and people»

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  • Title: Order of the White Eagle
  • Date Created: Late 18th - early 19th c.
  • Location: Poland