Ordinary Language, Installation View

Franz West1993/1995

The Hepworth Wakefield

The Hepworth Wakefield

FRANZ-WEST: WHERE IS MY EIGHT? Focused on Franz West’s combination works,in which the artist combined various individual pieces including Adaptives, painting, sculpture, videos, furniture and works on paper from different periods as well as work by other artists into single works of art. The exhibition further investigated the connections between the work of Franz West and Barbara Hepworth. With an intervention in the Hepworth Family Gift gallery, it placed both artists’ work in conversation regarding the use of the everyday materials of plaster and papier-mâché; the significance of the studio environment; the repeated return to reconfiguring and adapting previous work; and the emphasis on relating the work of art to the body.

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  • Title: Ordinary Language, Installation View
  • Creator: Franz West
  • Date: 1993/1995
  • Provenance: © The Hepworth Wakefield
  • Type: Exhibition