Ornamental sabre


Hungarian National Museum

Hungarian National Museum

Its strongly curved, 18th century Iranian blade is adorned with writing, Persian on one side, Georgian on the other. Bearded men’s heads decorate the ends of its straight cross-guard, with the portrait of Lord Commander György Rákóczi II in the middle. On the two sides of the hilt, we see the sitting figure of King Saint Stephen (1000-1038) and the standing one of King Mátyás Hunyadi (1458-1490). The pommel of the bent handle is a long-haired, bearded man’s head. The scabbard, covered with red velvet and silver plates, is decorated with portraits and full figures of great characters of Hungarian history. Among others, there is Lord István Bocskai, Attila, leader of the Huns, and the legendary knight-king, Louis the Great (1342-1382). This originally Persian blade was equipped with magnificent romantic-style silver plates in Hungary, around 1860.

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  • Title: Ornamental sabre
  • Date: 1855/1865
  • Location: Iran, Hungary


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