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Outfit belonging to the Auidi King

Museum of Natural History of Venice

Museum of Natural History of Venice

Part of the outfit belonging to the King of the Auidi who died in the battle of Madi. The outfit is made of a broad leather belt with rows of cowries and glass beads, a leather necklace with a wooden circular breastplate bordered by a copper ring and decorated with cowries, a pair of leather sandals, four ivory bracelets.
The Auidi (today a-Madi or a-Wisdi) are a people from Sudan, at the time regarded as ferocious and cannibal, whom Miani met around Gondokoro along the middle basin of the White Nile. Miani describes them as “treacherous” and, reacting to one of their attacks, he ended up destroying Madi, their capital village (G. Miani African collection).

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  • Title: Outfit belonging to the Auidi King
  • Rights: Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia Photo by Barbara Favaretto - MSNVE
  • Origin: Africa
  • Date: before 1860
  • Catalogue number: MSNVE-7001,7018,7084,7004,7005,7077,7078
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