Ovdan (reservoir)

The Historical and Architectural Reserve of Icherisheher

The Historical and Architectural Reserve of Icherisheher

There is a deep underground water reservoir-ovdan built in close proximity to the palace territory for the collection of underground springs along the walls of the complex from the north to the west. Water came into the ovdan through a well-kept underground water pipe-kyhryza and then was supplied to the Shah bathhouse.
The palace’s ovdan was considered one of the largest reservoirs in Absheron with the best drinking water. It was possible to descend into the reservoir having relatively small portal by a gentle staircase. Like other ovdans of Azerbaijan, in palace’s ovdan for reason of sustainability the focus was directed to the stone works rather than decorations.

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  • Title: Ovdan (reservoir)
  • Location: Azerbaijan, Baku, Icherisheher (Inner City),Shirvanshahs' Palace
  • Type: Water reservoir