Page 1, Letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams, 3 June 1778

John Adams3 June 1778

Massachusetts Historical Society

Massachusetts Historical Society
Boston, MA, United States

In this letter to his wife, John Adams writes that he is now in Passy, France, and has not received a letter from her in four months. He is sending her some French goods she requested, and gives his impressions of France and its people: "It is one great Garden. Nature and Art have conspired to render every Thing here delightful. Religion and Government, you will say ought to be excepted.—With all my Heart.—But these are no Afflictions to me, because I have well fixed it in my Mind as a Principle, that every Nation has a Right to that Religion and Government, which it chooses, and as long as any People please themselves in these great Points, I am determined they shall not displease me." Read online publication.

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