Painted earthenware jar

Alasgar Alekperov, 1936XV-XIII centuries B.C.

National History Museum of Azerbaijan

National History Museum of Azerbaijan
Baku, Azerbaijan

The jar representing the culture of painted pottery, gives full idea about the level of professional skills of the Azerbaijani potters in the Last Bronze - Early Iron Age in making pottery products, as well as their artistic tastes. This type of jars was also found in Urmia (Iran) in the synchronous period. The painted earthenware jar made of reddish clay was made in a potter`s wheel. Its stem is spherical, decorated with embroided stripes in three rows. Dark red and black birds are portraid on the first stripe. Wild animals and birds attacking ibexes, donkeys and oxes consisting of the scenes of “Wild Animals Fighting” are portraid on the middle wide stripe. The third stripe of 3.5 cm consists of a simple geometric ornament.

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  • Title: Painted earthenware jar
  • Creator: Alasgar Alekperov, 1936
  • Date Created: XV-XIII centuries B.C.
  • Location: Azerbaijan, Shahtakhty/Nakhchivan
  • Medium: Mouth-19.5 cm; bod:y 50.6 cm, 16 cm; height: -49 cm. Shaping, polishing, baking, painting. Ceramics