Painting of General Eisenhower in Army Uniform

Thomas E. Stephens1948

Eisenhower National Historic Site, National Park Service

Eisenhower National Historic Site, National Park Service
Gettysburg, PA, United States

In 1948, artist Thomas Stevens was commissioned to create this portrait of General-of-the-Army Dwight D. Eisenhower. The painting was later displayed in the White House during Eisenhower's Presidency, 1953-1961. Today it hangs in the living room of the Eisenhower Home in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Eisenhower served as U.S. Army chief-of-staff from 1946 to 1948. He oversaw the orderly demobilization of the military following World War II and the administration of the U.S.'s former enemies's occupied countries. It was a difficult job. He wrote, "No personal enthusiasm marked my promotion to chief-of-staff, the highest military post a professional soldier in the United States Army can reach. When President Truman broached the subject I told him that I'sd rather retire but he said he had special need of me at the moment."�

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