Painting of the Royal Procession to Hwaseong on Eight-panel Folding Screen

Late 19th century

National Palace Museum of Korea

National Palace Museum of Korea
Seoul, South Korea

This painting depicts the ceremony that King Jeongjo hosted in 1795, the 19th year of King Jeongjo's reign, to celebrate his mother Crown Princess Hong’s 60th birthday in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do Province, where the tomb of Crown Prince Sado, her late husband was located. Originally, the sequence arrangement of the eight scenes coincided with the order in the Record of the Ceremony for Crown Princess Hong’s 60th Birthday, but in 2000 it was rearranged according to the standard order of the royal rites. The sequence from right are as follows: visit to local Confucian shrine, state examination for civil service, banquet to celebrate Crown Princess Hong’s 60th birthday, reception for the elders, night-time military training, archery and fireworks, return procession to the capital, and a pontoon bridge across the Han River. Folding screens of the same subject are housed as separate panels in several locations, including the National Museum of Korea, Leeum Samsung Museum of Art, the Museum of Dongguk University, the Museum of the Department of Literature of Kyoto University, and Tokyo University of the Arts. Unlike the other seven panels, the left and right sides of the third panel, “Painting of Banquet to Celebrate Crown Princess Hong’s 60th Birthday”, housed at the National Palace Museum of Korea, were switched, and it is presumed that the painting was reversed in the process of reproduction.

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  • Title: Painting of the Royal Procession to Hwaseong on Eight-panel Folding Screen
  • Date Created: Late 19th century
  • Rights: National palace museum of Korea
  • Medium: Paintings