Palazzo della Ragione


Palazzo del podestà

Palazzo del podestà

Inside the big rectangular hall of the Palace, reopened after careful restoration, the walls are almost all bare and on the ceiling modern beams are visible. The important frescoes that still survive cover, with their several layers, the front wall (south-west wall) and the back wall (north-east wall), the one closest to the complex of the Palazzo del Podestà. On the wall to the left of the entrance, and in the corners of the room, traces of frescoes are still visible. This is an indication of the fact that the whole surface was once painted over. It is possible to say, simplifying, that there are at least five different layers of paint, and that each layer refers to a different iconographic project.

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  • Title: Palazzo della Ragione
  • Date: 1250
  • Type: masonry and wood