Pandan Box

Unknown1800 AD - 1900 AD

National Museum - New Delhi

National Museum - New Delhi
New Delhi , India

Around the 18th-19th century, Indian metal craftsmen displayed great skill and imagination in making various utilitarian items in the shape of birds, animals and humans. This fish-shaped pandan (betel leaves container) has tiny wheels with a small knob on one side to open its hinged lid. The most interesting feature of this box is the surface of the lid, which has a human face and fish-shaped body worked in encrustation. The entire upper surface of the box is decorated in encrustation work with a fish scale motif, whilst the lower portion illustrates beautiful floral scrolls. Artistic shape, surface ornamentation and the division of five compartments give the impression that this box was used as a pandan and these compartments were used for keeping betel and other ingredients used for pan preparation.

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  • Title: Pandan Box
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: 1800 AD - 1900 AD
  • Location: Central India, India
  • Physical Dimensions: w150 x h330 cm (without cover)
  • Type: Storage Box
  • Rights: National Museum, Janpath, New Delhi
  • Style: Brass Art
  • Place Part Of: India