Peach Shaped Container with Gold Lining - View 1

The Palace Museum

The Palace Museum

The container is shaped like a peach and consists of two parts, the box and the lid. With an interior gold lining, the container has an exterior of red coral carved with an ornate pattern. Vivid in style, the carved coral exterior is a combination of several pieces bonded together. The bond is tightly cohered, creating an absolutely flawless finish. The artisans who fashioned this piece employed a complicated manufacturing procedure. Proficient in their skill, they were able to accentuate the rich color of the coral.

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  • Title: Peach Shaped Container with Gold Lining - View 1
  • Physical Dimensions: height: 19 cm, length: 22.5 cm, width: 20 cm
  • Provenance: Qing imperial collection
  • Type: metalwork
  • Medium: coral, gold

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