Vase with a Handle to be Lifted Picture 2

Tian Hongbo



This is a piece of peach pit sculpture that reveals the artisan’s innovation in terms of subject-selection. This vase, with elephant ears, dragon-engraved lid and two removable loops on the side, was crafted on one single peach pit. The decorative motifs are based on ancient Chinese anecdotes, with one featuring the renowned calligraphy Wang Xizhi (303-361 AD) and his beloved geese, and the other illustrating the ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi exiting the Hanguguan Pass. The flexibly movable handle and the chains were created on another peach pit and installed on this one. Regarding the chains, there are sixteen loops on each of the two side ones and eleven on the middle one, joints done when sculpting with no glue or any other kind of adhesive used.

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  • Title: Vase with a Handle to be Lifted Picture 2
  • Creator: Tian Hongbo
  • Type: fruit stone carving
  • Physical dimensions: Height: 6.5cm (height: 6.2cm; width: 2.5cm; thickness: 2cm)
  • Date: 2014

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