Polar lands imagined on top of the Bay of Hudson

Stefano Bonsignori1575/1586

Palazzo Vecchio Museum

Palazzo Vecchio Museum

The painting shows the polar lands imagined above the bay of Hudson. It reads: "This channel has five accesses and due to its narrowness and the rapidity of its flow it never freezes" and "The Northern parts are so far from us that few are those who wrote about them. They say the King of Norway having heard about it, sent people there to live". Photo: Rabatti & Domingie

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  • Title: Polar lands imagined on top of the Bay of Hudson
  • Date Created: 1575/1586
  • cartographer: Stefano Bonsignori
  • Theme: map
  • Physical Dimensions: w56 x h117 cm (Complete)
  • Original title: Terre polari immaginate sopra la baia di Hudson
  • Historical information: The panels in the Maps'Room are 53. 30 out of these were realized by the dominican friar from Perugia Egnazio Danti, the court cosmographer from 1553 to 1575; the remaining 23 were realized by the olivetan monk Stefano Bonsignori from 1576 to 1586. The panels show all the world as known at the time.
  • Type: oil painting on wood
  • Rights: Comune di Firenze, Comune di Firenze