Political cartoon exhibited at the Women's Exhibition

Broom, Christina1909

Museum of London

Museum of London

Political cartoon in model or 'peepshow' exhibited at the Women's Exhibition, May 1909. The two week Women's Exhibition, held at Prince's Skating Rink, Knighstbridge was organised by the Women's Social and Political Union both to raise funds and the profile of the Suffragette campaign. Educating visitors about the political debate and government intransigence on the issue of female suffrage was also a key purpose of the Exhibition.This, number 11 of the 12 'satirical peepshows' created for the exhibition entitled 'Magna Charta' represents King John (Asquith) seated on a throne, surrounded by the Barons (Suffragettes), being forced to sign the Magna Charta of Woman's Enfranchisement. The Suffragette models include representations of the WSPU leaders.

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