Portrait of a woman

Adriano Spilimbergo

Mantova Museo Urbano Diffuso

Mantova Museo Urbano Diffuso

Although born in the capital of Argentina, the painter draws his origins from a noble family of Spilimbergo, or the homonymous town in Friuli where he later returned and where he died. This artist is one of the fundamental representatives of the so-called Chiarista trend, which developed between Milan and Upper Mantua in the period between the two world wars. As the name explains, it is a group of arists who prefer light colors, if not white itself, and a unrestrained treatment of the subjects, following the taste of the most up-to-date trends beyond the Alps, and in particular the teachings of Henri Matisse. Spilimbergo is a sincere painter, capable of excellently constructing his themes; he was very interested in landscapes, sometimes snow-covered, sometimes embellished with the features of a ethereal Venice, but he was also inclined towards portraiture. For example, this work shows a young lady with a slightly brazen look, watching us in her generous décolletage. As you can see, the shades of the canvas go from pink to blue, then darkening in her brown hair and almost provocative red lips. He was an interesting artist, who led a fairly modest life, yet was nonetheless certain of his genius and capability of bringing together artisanal refinement and a great scope of talent.

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