Portrait of Nency Destouches

Auguste-Jean-Baptiste Vinchon1829/1829

High Museum of Art

High Museum of Art

Auguste-Jean-Baptiste Vinchon maintained a level of success during his lifetime that rivaled his contemporaries Eugène Delacroix and Théodore Géricault. Vinchon exhibited consistently at the Salon from 1822 until his death in 1855, and his work was well-received by the public. This painting dates to 1829 and the sitter, who appears to be approximately twelve years old, is most likely the daughter of architect Louis Nicholas Marie Destouches. Sitting sideways in her chair, she clutches a bouquet of wildflowers and innocently gazes at the viewer. Vinchon’s use of light illuminates Nency’s angelic cheeks, rosy lips, and glowing skin.

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