Portrait of Western Lady

Kanji Maetac.1925

Tottori Prefectural Museum

Tottori Prefectural Museum

The painting shows a woman staring toward to the viewer with her body slightly turned to the side. Her massive presence that dominates the entire canvas even evokes a sense of dignity. The model’s white skin creates a beautiful contrast with the blackness of her dress that seems to be melting into the dark tones of the background. This painting charged with the gracefulness and peacefulness of Western classical painting represents the catalogue of works Maeda made during his time in Europe.

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  • Title: Portrait of Western Lady
  • Date: c.1925
  • Location: Japan
  • Title(japanese): 西洋婦人像
  • Tecniques and materials(japanese): 油彩/カンヴァス
  • Physical Dimensions: w73 x h92 cm (complete)
  • Period(japanese): 大正期
  • Painter: Kanji Maeta
  • Provenance: Tottori Prefectural Museum
  • Type: Paintings
  • External Link: Tottori Prefectural Museum