Posdata #3 (Postscript #3)

Manuel Felguerez

Inter-American Development Bank

Inter-American Development Bank

Unlike other members of the Generación de la Ruptura, Felguérez remained committed to muralism as an artistic technique. The style that he adopted, however, represented a radical shift from the social realist murals of The Big Three as he created abstract sculptural murals composed of materials like wood, scrap metal, bronze and sand. The artist’s sculptural murals and subsequent paintings of the 1960s would create rhythmic visual relationships between geometric forms that created a sense of harmony in each work. Central to Felguérez’s artwork is a sense of discovery as the interplay of color tones and geometric forms create a space through which to reflect the artist’s internal consciousness.

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  • Title: Posdata #3 (Postscript #3)
  • Creator: Manuel Felguérez
  • Location: Mexico
  • Physical Dimensions: w25 x h21 in.
  • Type: print
  • Rights: All rights reserved
  • Medium: engraving on paper