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Lahore Museum

Described are the salient features of various Pakistan postage stamps from thecollection of Lahore museum:

The first series of postage stamps, issued by Pakistan, were devoted to the commemoration of independence. They were released on 9th July 1948 and comprised four values- 1 ½ As (Anna), 2 ½ anna, 3 anna, and 1 rupee.

The first regular series of Pakistan postage stamps were issued on the first anniversary of independence (14th August, 1948). These stamps, in twenty denominations, were printed by Messrs Thomas De La Rue &Co.Ltd. , London by the “TailleDouce” printing process. These stamps were divided into seven categories, each represented by a separate design such as scale of justice, crescent and star, Lloyd’s Barrage, Karachi Port Trust building, administrative building of Karachi airport, Muslim Hotel Dacca, and Khyber pass. Stamps of the denominations of 3-pie, 6-pie, 9- pie, 1--anna 1 ½ anna, 2½ anna, 3 anna, 4 anna,8-anna, Rs. 1,Rs. 2,Rs. 5 and Rs.10of the series were over-printed with the word “service” for official use.

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