The cuisine of Spain's islands has its own unique character, defined by the strong influence of produce brought from the Americas (in the case of the Canaries). This uniqueness is intensified in the case of the Canary Islands as a result of the distance between the archipelago and the peninsula, which makes them closer to Africa than Spain. Their produce and recipes stand out for their simplicity, while their cuisine retains the influence of their former role as a stopover point for those en route to the Americas. As a result, produce such as potatoes, tomatoes, millet (corn), and bananas are very popular.

In fact, their potatoes (which have PDO status) are the star ingredient in one of the most typical recipes of the archipelago: "papas arrugadas" (wrinkly potatoes). These potatoes are accompanied by another essential feature of Canarian cuisine: "mojos" (sauces). The most famous "mojos" are red and green, but there is a wide range of recipes prepared with cilantro, garlic, and saffron, to name but a few ingredients.

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  • Title: Potato Plant in Ifonche
  • Location: Tenerife, Spain
  • Rights: Foods&Wines from Spain/ICEX
  • Photographer: Yanet Acosta / ICEX