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A report in the daily Sabah of the inauguration ceremony held at the Ottoman Bank's new head office. 28 May, 1892

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  • Title: Press cuttings
  • Date: 1892-05-08
  • Transcript: The inauguration of the new Ottoman Bank building As we have previously informed our readers, the building that has been built in the neighborhood of Perşembe Pazarı in Galata for the board of directors of the Ottoman Bank was inaugurated yesterday with a magnificent opening ceremony. The building has been decorated exquisitely and, while the victorious Ottoman flag waved in all its majesty and glory over the roof, police forces, the gendarmerie and the officers of the municipality stood at attention and the Navy band was present. Towards half past eight, in the presence of His Excellency and the most illustrious Şâkir Pasha, first aide-de-camp to the Sovereign, graciously dispatched on behalf of the most noble person of His Imperial Majesty, the Sultan, but also of the Minister of Finance, His Excellency and the most benevolent Nazif Efendi, of the sagacious Director for the Domestic Press, His Excellency and the most prosperous Ahmed Arifî Beyefendi, of the Imperial aide-de-camp, His Excellency and most prosperous Ahmed Celâleddin Pasha, of the inspector of the stock exchange, His Excellency and the most prosperous İsmail Hakkı Beyefendi, of the inspector of the Public Debt, the most prosperous Murad Beyefendi, of the first secretary of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, the most honorable İspiraki Efendi, and of a number of distinguished other personalities, as well as of the manager of the Rumelian Railways, Monsieur Grosholz and of a great number of prominent members of the financial and commercial institutions of our city, after an eloquent prayer was said for an increasing of the life, prosperity, abundance and glory of His Imperial Majesty, the Sultan, and after everyone present had said amen to this prayer, and following the speech delivered by the General Manager, the honorable Sir Edgar Vincent and the words of the Minister of Finance, His Excellency and the most benevolent Nazif Efendi, the inauguration ceremony was initiated and as in the meantime as sheep were being sacrificed and prayers of grace addressing the Keeper of the world were brought to the tongues in sincerity and devotion, the aforementioned band adorned the ears of those present by joyfully playing the most illustrious Hamidian march. In the meantime, a wide variety of drinks and food were offered in several locations in the bank. Everyone was greatly pleased by all this entertainment courtesy and the most charming and civil treatment shown to all present by the officers of the bank, including the honorable Sir Edgar Vincent. Following the inauguration ceremony, all present visited various parts of the beautiful building and as ice cream, sweets and a quantity of delicious drinks delighted all guests, everyone joined in sending again and again to the presence of the Lord Protector prayers of benediction for our lord of great deeds, our gracious benefactor the Sultan. The inauguration ceremony lasted two hours and was sealed with a stamp of musk-scented ink towards half past ten with the singing of the most illustrious Hamidian march. We pray that the Lord Almighty may enable our lord and gracious benefactor, the Sultan, protector of greatness and the King of Kings, provider of progress, to bring into being many more such institutions of prosperity. Amen, and in veneration of the master of all prophets.