Press Release, page 2

State Department1943-08-30

Frick Art Reference Library

Frick Art Reference Library

State Department press release announcing President Roosevelt's establishment of the American Commission for the Protection and Salvage of Artistic and Historic Monuments in Europe (also known as the Roberts Commission).

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  • Title: Press Release, page 2
  • Creator: State Department
  • Date Created: 1943-08-30
  • Transcript: Government's intention that, when military operations have been concluded, there shall be restitution of public property appropriated by the Axis Powers. It is expected that the Commission will use its good offices toward this end and will advocate also that, where it is not possible to restore such property, either because it has been destroyed or cannot be found, restitution in kind should be made by the Axis Powers to the countries from which property has been taken, The Commission, it is anticipated, will also urge that restitution be made of private property appropriated by the Axis Nations.
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