Primitive Mysteries (1931): Yuriko


Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance

Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance

Photograph of Yuriko during the 1964 revival of Primitive Mysteries (1931).

“The blossoms of the cereus were a delicate white filled with the mystery of life and the fact that they only lived at night. Fragrant and flamboyant, not understandable. This made upon me a direct and terrific mark. I said that sometime I would have a dress, a costume for the stage modeled on the inspiration of those nights and that flower. And I did. The dress was that of the Virgin, in white, in Primitive Mysteries, my 1931 ballet. It was a kind of organza which had an energy, a life, and an envelopment as if it were a cloud” – Martha Graham, “Blood Memory”

Premiere of Primitive Mysteries: February 2, 1931 – The Craig Theatre, New York City
Choreography by Martha Graham
Costumes by Martha Graham
Music by Louis Horst

Photograph by Martha Swope

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