Puzzle Purse Valentine Card


The Postal Museum

The Postal Museum

Watercolour, pen and ink puzzle card.

Message shown around edge when card is folded to show central red heart: 'My Dear the heart which you behold/ Will break when you the same unfold/ Even so my heart with love sick pain/ Sure wounded is and breaks in twain'.

Other messages are revealed when the sheet is fully opened, written at 90 degree rotations around the sheet of paper: '1st/ My dearest dear and blest divine/ I've pictured here thy heart and mine/ But Cupid with his fatal dart/ hath deeply wounded my poor heart/ And has betwixt us set a cross/ Which makes me lament my loss/ But now I hope when this is gone/ That our two hearts will join in one'. and '1st/ You are my dear the girl and only maid/ That wholy [sic] hath my yielding heart betray'd/ The thoughts of you are always in my mind/ So be not cruel nor prove to me unkind/2nd/ For never will my heart have any ease/ Untill [sic] our two hearts are joind [sic] & link'd like these/ My meaning is in matrimony Joy/ Which to for fear my happiness destroy/ 3rd/ If you deny my loving bride to be/ you then bereave me of my felicity/ By reasons of the troubles of my mind/ I yet may care and yet no comfort find/ 4th/ So then pale Death must be my fatal friend/ And bring my grief and sorrow to an End/ After a mournfull [sic] time of sad despair/ Occasioned by the frowns of you my dear'.

There is a message in the centre when the paper is unfolded: 'In this inside sweet Turtle Dove/ I've wrote a moral of my love/ To thou my dear and only Joy/ Requite me now and be not coy/ Banish my rivals from your sight/ And with your love now me requite/ Cupid's my guide and does my hand di-rect/ To write to you whom I so much respect/ You are my dear, the centre of my Joy/ It's your absence my happiness destroy/ It's you alone to whom I now do write/ That charms my heart and ravishes my sight/ So now the powers of envy can't pretend/ To say that I false stories to you send'.

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  • Title: Puzzle Purse Valentine Card
  • Date Created: 1790