Range 168,694 km (105,000 mi.




Range : 168,694 km (105,000 mi.) Voyager 2 discovered detached limb hazes in the atmosphere of Triton in Pictures that arrived at Earth between 3:30 am and 5:30 am. The principal layer seen here begins about three km (2 miles) above the surface, and is about 3 km thick. Fainter upward extension of the haze has been seen to an altitude of at least 14 km (9 mi.). The haze must be comoposed of tiny particles in order to be supported in Trition's thin atmosphere. Composition of the haze is currently unknown, but may be either condensed atmospheric gases or complex orgainc molecules produced by irradiation of the methane in Triton's atmosphere. The vaguely linear mottling on the surface may be shadows of other haze striations. Other features of the haze layer should be appaarent in images of Triton taken at higher phase angles (including crescent phase). The image shows features as small as 2 km (1.2 mi) wide.

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  • Title: Range 168,694 km (105,000 mi.
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  • Date Created: 1989-08-25
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