Remnant fresco inside the Tower

Mantova Museo Urbano Diffuso

Mantova Museo Urbano Diffuso

On the tower, above the clock dial, there is a marble canopy. Under the shed there were twelve frescoed finishes that long ago featured portraits of men ducts in the arts of Quadrivium: geometry, arithmetic, music and astrology. One of these rounds was replaced with the metallic moon sphere that we can see today. All of them are unfortunately very ruined and most of them are totally unreadable, even vanished. The four best preserved are up, just below the shed.
Probably of a similar age is the piece of the fresco that appears inside the tower, in the room where the mechanism is engraved on the dial. He portrays a severely-looking woman, beautiful and blonde. It's hard to figure out whether it is a historical character or, more likely, some symbolic representation of the time span.
Between the woman and the mechanism also survives another fragment of painting, a sketch that perhaps should be the sinopia for a subsequent fresco: here we see traces of vegetation and a large arm raised, almost like a clock hand.

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  • Title: Remnant fresco inside the Tower
  • Type: Fresco