Republican-China Folding Fan Guards with Carved Painting

Arts & Crafts Museum Hangzhou

Arts & Crafts Museum Hangzhou

Bamboo carving on fan guards is a category of bamboo carving in which the masters of bamboo carving apply their ingenious techniques such as shallow-carving, deep-carving, relief-carving, green-bark-leaving to create patterns of landscapes, flowers, figures, calligraphy, etc.
Born in today’s Jiangdu district, Yangzhou city of China’s eastern Jiangsu province, Wu Nanyu (1894-1942 AD), alias Yue, Nanyu, Yixing, was homeschooled carving techniques since his childhood and developed incomparable miniature carving craftsmanship. He was later known across China for his ingenious combination of painting and calligraphy with miniature carving.

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  • Title: Republican-China Folding Fan Guards with Carved Painting
  • Physical dimensions: Length: 38.5cm, 16 guards & ribs

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