Rice Fields in Calasparra

Real Academia de Gastronomía

Real Academia de Gastronomía

The rice fields in Calasparra are located between the flood-meadows of the Segura river and its tributary, the Mundo river. These rice fields are different from others in Spain thanks to their unique location—a valley between mountains, with crop elevations between 1150 and 1640 feet above sea level. They also benefit from fresh, clean water from flowing rivers rather than reservoirs, and the rice production utilizes bioagricultural techniques, with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The rice produced is of excellent quality, and as a result its denomination of origin is highly regarded both nationally and internationally.

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  • Title: Rice Fields in Calasparra
  • Location: Murcia, Spain
  • Rights: Foods&Wines from Spain/ICEX
  • Photographer: Pablo Neustadt / ICEX