Riding Habit [Divided Skirt]

MoMu - Fashion Museum Antwerp

MoMu - Fashion Museum Antwerp

Riding habit, including jacket, riding skirt and divided skirt was probably worn for cycling. Although it was unhealthy to sit side-saddle for long periods, the men's seat, with legs spread across the back of the horse, was not even considered for women. As early as 1864, Agnes F. Barber protested against this in equestrian magazine, Lady's Friend, where she stated that the only possible result of wearing trousers and sitting astride could be that she would be mistaken for a man, which was for her 'of no consequence'. Arguments against Barber, and those who agreed with her, centred on a protestation that women must look feminine in the saddle.

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  • Title: Riding Habit [Divided Skirt]
  • Date Created: 1900/1910
  • Provenance: Jacoba de Jonge
  • Type: Riding Habit
  • Photographer: Hugo Maertens for Momu
  • Rights: All rights reserved
  • Medium: Wool

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