Rubber duck:Hong Kong Toy Memory

Forward Winsome2011

The Strong National Museum of Play

The Strong National Museum of Play

In 1947, Hong Kong entrepreneur L. T. Lam started a plastic company named Winsome Plastic Works and the following year he started producing toys, notably plastic ducks. The duck toys that came from Japan in that era were made of celluloid and were rather fragile. By contrast, Lam elected to use an injection molding process that turned out sturdier ducks. Most of the ducks from Winsome were produced at the firm's factury in Guangzhou for the Chinese market, but others were manufactured in Hong Kong for distribution to the U.K. and western countries. This replica of the 1949 duck was made in 2011 as a gift for guests at a dinner celebrating the Hong Kong toy industry.

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  • Title: Rubber duck:Hong Kong Toy Memory
  • Creator: Forward Winsome
  • Date Created: 2011
  • Location: Hong Kong
  • Subject Keywords: duck
  • Type: Baby and Toddler Toys
  • Medium: molded plastic, printed cardboard
  • Object ID: 113.8039