ca. 1930

The Strong National Museum of Play

The Strong National Museum of Play

By the 1920s, the colonial revival movement had grown from the occasional commemorative event into a style that encompassed everyday life in America. Popular photographs by Wallace Nutting of colonial interiors and his silhouettes of women at spinning wheels in colonial dress hung in an estimated 10 million American homes by 1930. At the same time, making hooked rugs had once again become a popular home craft. This hooked rug would have done double duty in a home at that time. Made by hand with small strips of fabric pulled through the burlap backing to form a looped pile surface, the craft of making hooked rugs seemed to recall an earlier era when many household objects were handmade-even though hooked rugs first appeared in the mid-19th century rather than the colonial era associated with George Washington. Its rustic look and its simple silhouetted image of a woman at her spinning wheel helped evoke an image of simplicity and domestic comfort which Americans had come to associate with the nation's founders.

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  • Title: Rug
  • Date Created: ca. 1930, ca. 1930
  • Location: USA, USA
  • Subject Keywords: woman, textileworking t&e, spinning wheel, woman, textileworking t&e, spinning wheel
  • Type: Hobbies and Crafts, Hobbies and Crafts
  • Medium: cotton, hooked, sewn, burlap
  • Object ID: 83.798, 83.798

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