Rule of November Memorial Service for Zhi-yi

TenkaiEdo period, 17th century

Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo National Museum

This handbook explains the procedures and regulation of the Shimotsukie (November ceremony), one of important events of the Tendai Buddhism, held annually at Enryakuji temple. Started by the priest Saicho in 798, the ceremony continues for ten days and involves lectures and discussions on the Lotus sutra. The priest Tenkai worked to reinvigorate the temple, wrote this handbook and thus revived the ceremony, which had been obsolete for more than 70 years.

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  • Title: Rule of November Memorial Service for Zhi-yi
  • Creator: Tenkai
  • Date Created: Edo period, 17th century
  • Physical Dimensions: w1457 x h170 mm
  • Object Title: 霜月会定書
  • Object Notes(Japanese): 天台宗において霜月会と呼ばれる法華会は、最澄が智顗(天台大師)の命日(11月24日)に因んで始めた『法華経』を学び討論する重要な法会。天海は比叡山再興に尽力し、70年以上断絶していた法華会を再興させた。これは、法華会の手順やきまりを示したものの一節。
  • Object Date: 江戸時代・17世紀
  • Medium(Japanese): 紙本墨書
  • Artist Name: 天海筆
  • Type: Calligraphy
  • Medium: Ink on paper