Saflieni Phase Plate


National Museum of Archaeology, Malta

National Museum of Archaeology, Malta

The reconstruction shows a shallow plate with small flat base and an everted rim. The latter is scored on the underside to give the impression that it is rolled. The fabric consists of a dark, gritty, medium-hard ware, with a dark-brown surface. The interior has scratched decorations representing a number of quadrupeds, apparently bulls or buffalos or even possibly ibexes; eight of the former, two of the latter and two unidentifiable.The scratch lines are filled with a white substance to enhance the image. The exterior has an elaborate curvilinear decoration of scratched lines partly filled with short straight ones. Traces of red filling can be visible. The plate is not quite complete.

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  • Title: Saflieni Phase Plate
  • Date Created: -5000/-700, -5000/-700
  • Location: Hal Saflieni Hypogeum
  • Medium: Ceramic, Ceramic
  • Showcase room: Neolithic, Showcase 11
  • Photographed by: Stephen Psaila, Stephen Psaila
  • Period: Temple Period, Temple Period
  • Inventory number: 20499, 20499

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