Saint Francis of Assisi

Francisco Salzillo1750 - 1799

Museo Nacional de Escultura

Museo Nacional de Escultura

In this careful carving, the Assisi saint is represented as victor over material temptations, symbolized by the world under his foot, looking to the redeeming cross and showing in his hands, feet and sides, the stigmata of the Passion. This symbolic view of the Franciscan is well expressed through the dynamism of shapes that contributes to make his spiritual rising stand out. The colors, through the represented theme, escape from the richness that is defines the works of the artist, Francisco Salzillo from Murcia but, even within its sobriety it has details that show how meticulously this task was carried out, since it is easy to appreciate the small grey backstitches from the patches of the habit of the saint, and even in these, the different densities of the dotted painting over the background in regard to the original habit areas. This sobriety, together with the additions, contributes to create an atmosphere of authenticity that surrounds the figure.

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  • Title: Saint Francis of Assisi
  • Date Created: 1750 - 1799
  • place of origin: Murcia
  • Physical Dimensions: w75 x h136.5 x d49 cm
  • Esculptor: Francisco Salzillo
  • Type: Esculpture
  • External Link: CERES