Savage Star, Bao Xu, nickname "God of Death"

Liu Xiaoping2000-2004

Huaren Contemporary Art Museum

Huaren Contemporary Art Museum

Bao Xu is an ugly-looking man with a face shaped like the bottom of a wok, fierce bulging eyes and lips like a wolf's. He excels in martial arts and wields a sword in combat. As his passion in life is to kill and plunder, he earns himself the nickname "God of Death". Bao Xu is one of the leaders of the Liangshan infantry. During the campaign against the rebel leader Fang La, he is slain by the enemy general Lian Ming.

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  • Title: Savage Star, Bao Xu, nickname "God of Death"
  • Creator: Liu Xiaoping
  • Date: 2000-2004
  • Type: Root Carving
  • Physical Format: Length: 68cm Width: 23cm Height: 92cm
  • Medium: Fossilized Wood
  • Artist's Nationality: China
  • Artist's Gender: Male
  • Artist's Dates: 1970.02-