Seated Aizen Myo'o (Ragaraja)

Kamakura period, 13th-14th century

Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo National Museum

This is an image of Aizenmyoo with three eyes, six arms and a lion crown on the head, who is described in the Kongoburokaku-issaiyugayugyo-kyo Sutra. The red skin color is based on the description of "like the shining sun" in the sutra. The hair rising like flames, furious eyes with raised eyebrows and open mouth with fangs all express his anger. The use of the gyokugan technique, a technique to insert eyes made of crystal into the head, effectively adds to the dynamic power. On the johaku (a cloth on the left shoulder) and kun (skirt), kirikane (gold leaf cut into strips) patterns can be seen. Since Aizenmyoo is the avatar of Kongosatta Bodhisattva (Vajrasattva), even his angry face does not look vulgar.It is known that this image was enshrined at Uchiyama Eikyuji Temple and it could be that this image is the one that is mentioned in the Uchiyama-no-ki as created by Unga and enshrined at Yakushi-in, although more research is required to establish it. This work is valuable not only as a sculpture, but also as a composite art work that includes paintings on a zushi (small shrine), calligraphy written on colored, square-shaped paper and elaborate metal decorations.

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  • Title: Seated Aizen Myo'o (Ragaraja)
  • Date Created: Kamakura period, 13th-14th century
  • Physical Dimensions: h640 mm
  • Object Title: 愛染明王坐像
  • Object Notes(Japanese): 『金剛峯楼閣一切瑜珈瑜祇経』に説く、獅子冠をかぶり3つの目と6本の腕をもつ愛染明王。真赤な身色も、経典に日が輝く如しと説くことを典拠とする。めらめらと燃えるかのように逆立つ焔髪、眉を吊り上げ睨みつける目、牙をみせて開く口で怒りを表わす。目に水晶の板を嵌め込む玉眼という技法が迫力を出すのに効果的である。左肩にかける条帛、下半身に着ける裙には、截金(線状に切った金箔)による文様がのこる。愛染明王は金剛薩埵菩薩の化身なので怒りの顔も卑しくない。 内山永久寺に伝来したことが知られ、検討の余地を残すものの、『内山之記』にある薬師院安置の雲賀造像像と考えられる。彫刻作品としてのみならず、厨子の絵画や色紙形の書、金属製瓔珞(ようらく)の細工など、総合芸術として貴重な作品である。 普通、愛染明王は中段左手に弓、中段右手に矢を持つが、本像の中段左手は持物を取る仕様になっていない。
  • Object Date: 鎌倉時代・13~14世紀
  • Medium(Japanese): 木造、彩色・截金、玉眼
  • Type: Sculpture
  • External Link: http://www.emuseum.jp/detail/100436/000/000
  • Medium: Wood with polychromy, cut gold leaf, and inlaid crystal eyes


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