Shavuot Plaque

Abraham di Mordo1733

Jewish Museum in Prague

Jewish Museum in Prague

The Shavuot plaque contains the Ten Commandments - the Torah given to Moses on Mount Sinai - and calligraphic texts which are read in the liturgy of the holiday of Shavuot.

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  • Title: Shavuot Plaque
  • Date: 1733
  • Physical Dimensions: w390 x h415 mm
  • Provenance: Jewish Museum in Prague
  • Type: Manuscript
  • External Link: www.jewishmuseum.cz
  • scribe: Abraham di Mordo
  • provenance: Acquired by the Jewish Museum in Prague between 1906 and 1937 from an unidentified donor (1937 inventory no. 543)
  • bibliography: Deutsch, Aladar, Die Zigeiner- Grossenhof-, und Neusynagoge in Prag: Denkschrift (...). Denkschrift herausgegeben anlässlich der Erbaung des aus diesen Gotteshausern hervegegangenen Kaiser Franz Josef Jubiläums-Tempels von Dr. Aladár Deutsch Rabbiner und Prediger des Kaiser Franz Josef Jubiläums-Tempels in Prag, Praha, 1907, pp. 18-19; Kosáková, Eva (ed.) 100 Items from the Jewish Museum in Prague: A Selection by Curators, Prague: Jewish Museum in Prague, 2006, pp. 70/71, cat. no. 24; Veselská, Magda (ed.) Defying the Beast: The Jewish Museum in Prague 1906-1940, Prague: Jewish Museum in Prague, pp. 98/99, cat. no. 305
  • basic caption: Scribe Abraham di Mordo from the island of Corfu for Benjamin Trietsch, ink and watercolours on pArkment, gold colour, hand-coloured micrograph, 415x390 mm, Corfu, 1733