Sheep Van (Before Restoration)

National Rail Museum

National Rail Museum

This double decker sheep carrying van was built by Liluah Workshop of ER in 1929. The first sheep van was put into service of East Indian Railway for bringing sheep and goats from Dinapore district of Bihar.

This wooden bodied double-decker wagon had all the problems that one could imagine. The roof had fallen down completely. The decolite flooring was full of dust. A thick layer of dirt could be seen on the water trough. The door was broken and kept inside the wagon. The whole structure excluding the frame was in a pathetic condition. The wood used in this wagon was affected with termite attack. Moreover, because of fluctuating temperature and humidity, warping of wood along with cracks could be seen. Accessories like handles, nuts and bolts and the like were rusted and loosened.

Here you can see dust and dirt accumulation, and paint layer was washed way.

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  • Title: Sheep Van (Before Restoration)
  • Date Created: 1929
  • Location: National Rail Museum, New Delhi, India
  • Type: Animal Carriage
  • Medium: Wooden Body Over Steel Underframe
  • Wheel Arrangement: 4 wheeler
  • Railways: East Indian Railway and later Eastern Railway
  • Manufacturer: Liluah Workshops of East Indian Railway
  • Guage: Broad Gauge

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