Shelters from Nature 1

Myung Jin Song2007

Korean Art Museum Association

Korean Art Museum Association

There are some characters that look like human fingers. I call them “finger people”. These finger people were not like this before. They had a more perfect form as humans, but they made lots of mistakes and initiated many crimes by hand. As a result, they began to mutate and the only thing remaining was their two fingers. So, I imagined that finger people could be our appearance in the future.

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  • Title: Shelters from Nature 1
  • Creator: Song, Myung Jin, 송명진
  • Date Created: 2007
  • Physical Dimensions: w1620 x h1303 cm
  • Type: Painting
  • Medium: Acrylic on canvas
  • Critic's Note: A Narrative of Paintings within a Painting How Are Different Levels of Paintings’ Subject Matters Combined? ....Briefly, though addressing ‘flatness’ as an inherent characteristic of painting governed by Modernism, Myungjin Song suggested, as a sort of solution to the condition of painting, a reinforcement or intervention of a monotone surface through ambiguous forms that stir up the viewer’s thoughts instead of employing a high level of abstraction or an exploration into materiality. In , there are surfaces that seem to be turned over toward the backside on the entirely green canvas. Here, despite figurative depictions, her pictures were still conceptually conscious of flatness as an identity of painting. While flatness of painting played a primary role, figurative depiction served as a secondary motif and contributed to the entire composition by encompassing both levels of intellect and sensation. When looking at her recent paintings, we find that Song takes a bit of a different path from her earlier methodology in relation to meta-narrative and anecdotal images. Seemingly, Song’s work can look too obvious, but in actuality she tries quite a complicated attempt of associating these two different levels and constructs her own artistry….
  • Artist's Education: Hongik University. Seoul, Korea. M.F.A., Painting.