Silver chain-necklace with engraved medallions


Museum of London

Museum of London

Silver chain-necklace commemorating the imprisonment of the suffragette Emily Katherine Willoughby Marshall. The chain has three silver medallions each commemorating a different period of imprisonment. The medallions are engraved both sides, on one side with Kitty's name and the period of imprisonment, on the reverse with the cell and wing number occupied by Kitty during three of her prison terms in Holloway.

Emily, known as 'Kitty' served her first sentence in Holloway for suffragette militancy in November 1910 after throwing a potato at the fanlight window over the front door of the Home Secretary, Winston Churchill. The following year she spent 10 days in prison for her part in a deputation to the House of Commons and in 1912 was sent to Holloway with over 200 other suffragettes for taking part in the window-smashing campaign.

Kitty was part of Emmeline Pankhurst's bodyguard that were trained in jujitsu and carried Indian Clubs to protect the Suffragette leader. In 1913 Kitty, in her role as bodyguard, was again arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer during the rearrest of Emmeline Pankhurst at the London Pavilion. As a married suffragette, Kitty's involvement in the campaign was dependent on the support of her husband Arthur. As a solicitor Arthur proved very useful to the militant Votes for Women campaign and regularly acted on behalf of arrested suffragettes.

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